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Experience Chef Junya Watanabe’s signature Tamago-Sando selections, each made with organic premium sushi grade rice infused with our proprietary 3-vinegar mix, and available in a variety of ingredient combinations. Each Tamago-Sando is made to order and wrapped in a freshly toasted sheet of sushi grade nori, creating an explosion of flavor with each and every bite.



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Chef Junya Watanabe’s eye for spotting global culinary trends and giving them a signature twist for his customers is well known with the success of his growing restaurant portfolio that includes RakiRaki Ramen, Pokirrito, and j/wata Temaki Bar. His latest obsession is a staple of Japanese food culture and is ready to debut its modern makeover with the launch of Tamagosando.

Joining the menu line up this fall at Pokirrito, Tamagosando will feature the traditional Japanese ingredient of tamagoyaki – a light and airy folded omelet comprised of many thin layers of egg. Expertly prepared, tamagoyaki is considered the signature of a Japanese chef and much pride is taken in cooking it, especially in sushi restaurants where it is the first item apprentice chefs must learn to master.

Tamagoyaki has a light texture and delicately balanced flavor, making it the perfect partner to a wide variety of ingredients. On a recent trip to Japan, Chef Junya discovered the unexpectedly simple, yet wildly popular pairing of tamagoyaki and fried SPAM®. Served layered between warm rice and enveloped in nori, it was the perfect sandwich-like meal and Chef Junya instantly knew he had to recreate this food experience for his customers.

In true Chef Junya fashion, Tamagosando elevates tamago onigiri to the next level. Using a specially patented sushi-rolling machine to create the perfect base, freshly prepared tamagoyaki is paired with premium, mouth-watering ingredients and bold flavors to create the ultimate taste experience.


Made to order, each tamago onigiri at Tamagosando features warm certified organic premium sushi grade rice infused with Chef Junya’s proprietary 3-vinegar and organically fermented Mirin mix.  Menu selections include teriyaki marinated, flame- blistered SPAM®, tempura shrimp with spicy tartar sauce, pounded cutlets of Angus beef, hormone-free chicken slathered in Bulldog Tonkatsu sauce, and a selection of organic tempura vegetables and house made sauces to choose from.

Each tamago onigiri is wrapped in a freshly toasted sheet of sushi grade nori, creating an explosion of flavor with each and every bite.