Growing strategically throughout California, Pokirrito, is slated to have over 5 locations by 2018 with an aggressive expansion plan in the making.   The growth and popularity of Pokirrito is second to none and fueled by a high-quality chef-driven to menu aimed at offering affordable, healthy, and convenient options to an ever-growing market.

Pokirrito us currently receiving a high level of interest from experienced operators in several key markets due to the overall value proposition of owning one or several of these restaurants. 




Backed and fueled by the success and reputation of Junya, Watanabe, the Pokirrito brand is young, fun, hip, and synonymous with healthy unique, and high-quality seafood.  




Pokirrito brings more to the table than fresh, responsibly-sourced seafood. Our brand defines excellence by bringing together innovation, precision, and simplicity. The result is a refreshing take that elevates the poké dining experience. We take pleasure in creating happy memories through healthy food that is satisfying and affordable.

Yet, we recognize that our continued success lies in the hands of our top-notch partners. That’s why we heavily invest in the long-term success of every partner using a strong growth strategy.

Our commitment is to honor each investment in Pokirrito with a focused restaurant design plan that is responsive to your placement location. Partners will find that a starting investment as low as $250,000 enables them to join a fast-casual restaurant with an efficient, high-volume business model.


Culture Matters, Support Empowers


It’s great to provide top-quality food for our customers. But, if the culture is off, then the Pokirrito experience suffers for our guests, business associates, and colleagues. Culture is important and we make sure that it stays front of mind.

The word “golden” isn’t only used to describe our Golden Ratio Sauce; it’s also the rule for relationships with our guests, business associates, and colleagues. Pokirrito promotes fairness and responsibility to create a positive, sustainable environment.

Pokirrito focuses on its partners and how to help them achieve consistent long-term success. We are committed to supporting the development and business operations of every restaurant using effective systems.

We support restaurant growth through:

  • Pre-Grand Opening: site selection, lease negotiation, design assistance, comprehensive initial training program
  • Grand Opening: comprehensive marketing plan (see below)

We support business growth through:

  • Marketing: social media, public relations, influencer promotions, community fundraisers, local campaigns Operations: POS system, scheduling, inventory, sourcing seafood that is local, fresh, and sustainable
  • Operations: POS system, scheduling, inventory, sourcing seafood that is local, fresh, and sustainable

Your Investment With Us, Our Investment In You


Pokirrito is thankful for the individuals who have already placed their faith in our brand through financial backing. We honor their investments by further growing Pokirrito through partnerships with accomplished restaurateurs who are eager to expand our brand.

We look for partner candidates who deeply understand the diverse needs of their consumers and the best way to meet those needs. With our belief in community building, we prefer multi-unit development to strengthen ties with our brand and local communities. The best-fit candidates for Pokirrito will have experience and success in the food and beverage industry, ideally 3+ in a fast-casual restaurant. For each $250,000+ initial investment in our restaurants, we offer to finance candidates who meet our criteria and have at least $100,000 in accessible capital.

If you meet these requirements, we look forward to joining forces with you as a member of our Pokirrito family. With your support, we can continue our rapid growth as a national leader in fast-casual, poké dining.