Pokirrito is the culmination of years of training and the dreams of Chef and creator Junya Watanabe. Chef Junya always envisioned bringing to life his favorite flavors from Japan and Hawaii, in the form of the absolute freshest sushi and poke possible. 

Pokirroto uses only local and responsibly-sourced macrobiotic organic produce and top-quality meat and seafood.  With the launch of Pokirrito, he has exclusively launched POKE & the sushi-burrito into a new stratosphere with the freshest Tuna and seafood, direct from the San Diego ocean fish market. 


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Junya Watanabe is the owner and executive chef of Rakiraki Ramen & Tsukemen in San Diego, California. Watanabe came to the United States as a teen and pursued his education at UCLA, where he received a Master’s degree in Economics. Watanabe always held a keen interest in the culinary arts and had frequent cravings for the cuisine of his homeland. He noticed that the staple flavors and dished of Japan could become a popular trend in the states. He flew back to Japan to spend the next six years dedicated to learning the basics of cooking. Watanabe quickly established himself as a devoted student in the culinary arts. Chef Junya broke into the culinary world to pursue his passion for fusing Japanese cuisine with his new acquired knowledge.